Moxie and Mojo's :: Every Hat, ever!


Mermaid Princess

Captain's Orders


Madame Butterfly

"Eagle Has Landed"

Guardian of the Night

Royal Heart

Captain's Hat: "Dreaming of Morocco"

Marching Band Hat: Midsummer Night's Dream

Marching Band Hat: "Pegasus"

Marching Band Hat: Pink Panther

Marching Band Hat: Disco

Captain's Hat: "Sparkle"

Love Grows

Hearts for your Head

The Artist

The Lion's Den

Golden Eagle

Foxy Apocolypse

Top Hat: Roses in the Moonlight w/ LED Lights

Marching Band Hat ~ "Love Parade"

Captain's Hat: Green & Gold

Marching Band Hat: Hendrix

Marching Band Hat: The Heart's Desire

Butterfly in Bloom

Captain's Hat: "Blue Fox"

Marching Band Hat: Blue Lotus

Top Hat: "Pirate Booty" ~ premium wool

Blue Steel

Hear me Roar!

Captain's Hat: Fly High

Captain's Hat: Trunk Show

Captain's Hat: Transformation

Captain's Hat: Vitruvian Man

Captain's Hat: Fly Like An Eagle

Captain's Hat: "Out of Fox'd"

Captain's Hat: "All Star"

Love On Top

Roses in Flight

Captain Hat ~ "Althea"

Captain Hat: "Blue Angel"

Purple & Gold

Red Roses & Studs

War of the Roses