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Scarab your blues away

Peace Keeper Worldwide

No H8

You give me butterflies


Wonder Woman - Tiara

Hot Stuff

The Music Never Stopped

Fun & Fabulous

My Heart Belongs to You

Hearts Galore

Queen of the Nile

Earth Day

Little Devil


Pharaoh Horus

You Got RAM in your system?

Bliss 2017

Tazmanian Devil

Wonder Woman - Gold Warrior

Wonder Woman - Classic

Gold As It Gets

Desert Dream

Sacred Ganesha

Golden Child


The Last Unicorn


Night Owl 2017

Angel of the Morning

The Aviator

Colors of Sedona


The Source

Summer Tour

Long Strange Trip It's Been

Blame It On My Wild Heart

This is Your Captain Speaking

I Feel Love

From the Flight Deck

The Angel Princess

Infinite Wisdom

Good as Gold

The Wolf

Rainforest Dreams

Snow Leopard

Wild & Free

Sparkling Sky

White Roses 2017

Love Struck

Cerebral Geometry

Diamond Life

When I dream

Peace of Mind



Anubis Rising

True Heart

Bling It On

Little Haiwatha (Fearless Warrior)

Egyptian Angel

Yin & Yang

Learning to Fly

Egyptian Knight

When the Morning Comes

Twisted Sister

Eye In The Sky

Tickled Pink

Elephant Adorned

Flower of Life - Gold

Sunbeam in My Soul

Winter Warrior

Birds of a Feather

Rising Sun

In Bliss

Little Wing

The Divine

Crimson Sunrise


Silver Isis



Dreaming of the Sea

What Dreams May Come

Infinite Beauty

The Gates of Dawn

Bohemian Rhapsody

Gear Up


Hungry Like a Wolf

The Dark Knight

Queen Nefertiti

Heavenly Creatures

Unchained Melody

Wings of Gold

Haute Pink

Night Rider

Custom Goggles: For Mike

The Sun God

Aces are Wild

Tale of the Sphinx

Silver Lining

Infinite Bliss

In the Wild

The Golden Age

Scarab in the Sky

Golden Eye

Purple Goddess

Love Radiates

Night Owl

Be Cool Honey Bunny

The Riddle of the Sphinx

Bliss" (aka) "Playa Bride 2016

Eyes of the Leopard

Key to my Heart

Solid Gold

Amulet of the Ancients

Purple Rain

Energy Field

Warrior Dragon


Goddess of the Night

The Mystical Scarab - Silver

Dawn of the Sphinx




Flight Gear

Lion's Gate

Fun Bunny ~ Blue

Love to Love You

A Star is Born

Two Dragons

Music in My Soul

Mermaid Tale

Eye Disco

Lobo Loco

Pretty Please with Sugar on Top

Sunshine in my Soul

Snow Fox

Guns and Roses

Fun Bunny

Green Goddess

Ghost Rider

Desert Rose

The Mystical Scarab

Guardian of the Galaxy


Journey of the Soul


Leopard Vision

Rise of the Phoenix

Purple Heart

Copper Isis

The Great Sphinx

Walking on Sunshine

Shiny Disco Stars

Black & Brass

The Way You Make Me Feel

Brave Heart

Heart of Gold

Beautiful Angel

Murphy's Law

Love With A Twist

Peace of My Heart

Great Scott!

Giggling Buddha

Technicolor Love

Kiss the Sky

Disco Fabulous

Silver & Spikes

Pure Bliss

Out Fox'd

Hemisphere Dancer


White Roses

Carebear Love

Eye Candy



The Hunt

Smokin' Aces



Snow Queen

Shining Star

Purple Reign


Ice Princess

Anahata: Heart Chakra

Pretty in Pink

Dream Weaver

Blue Lotus Rising

Enlightened Soul

Angel Heart

Time Bandit

Morning Bliss

Fare Thee Well

Red Hot Love

For Jessica

Dream On

Mother Earth

White Lightning

Hell On Wheels

Electric Sunshine

Heart on You

Sacred Geometry

Purple Passion

Wings of My Heart


King of the Jungle

Caroline's Bliss

Animal Instinct

Brooke's Butterfly

For the Love of Zak

Star F*kr

Purple Haze

American Beauty